Richmark Holdings Helps Chatz Charity with Aid to Sunrise Combined College in Tembisa

Richmark Holdings started out as a type of venture capital firm helping South African entrepreneurs in 2000. Currently it has spread its business to more experienced firms that are in need of outside investment and direction. In line with their company motto, “About people, not business,” Richmark is now investing time and resources into the young children of Tembisa, South Africa.

Educational Difficulties for Students in Tembisa

Government schools in Tembisa were extremely overcrowded, so in 2005 Sunrise Combined College opened as a private school to open up educational possibilities to more children. There were long waiting lists (up to three years) to get into the new school and once in, the learning conditions were very difficult. Limited resources and classrooms with some 75 students were a setback to learning. The corrugated iron walls did not act as an effective insulation from the sun or the cold, so the children suffered.

Helping Educate South African Youngsters

Luckily, Chatz Charity did not stop there. It realised the actual needs of the students and raised money to build classrooms with wooden walls and for new blackboards in the rooms. In addition, it installed a kitchen and set it up with a staff of five workers. Beginning each day at 10:30am, they begin to pass out food to the hungry students. Along with vitamin packed juices, they give them hot dogs, mince, rice and sandwiches. The charity built a covered outdoor seating area where the children can sit to enjoy their food, which for some is the only meal they get during the day. Richmark Holdings is proud to be able to take part in such a worthy project, which is also planning an afterschool day care centre for the small children and a library.

Richmark Holdings Helps Chatz Charity

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